I'm a 25 year old amateur linguist from California (though my mind is always in Japan).

AMATEUR (n.) 1784, "one who has a taste for (something)," from French amateur "lover of," from Latin amatorem "lover."

I am fluent in Japanese and Spanish, but my favorite languages are Japanese and Russian which I can read and write. Mandarin, Korean and German are interesting as well though I only know basic greetings.

I follow many fandoms, most of which are British and Japan-related.

I post & reblog mostly concerning my three favorite characters: Severus Snape, Sherlock Holmes and Spock.

I also love these actors: Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie, Alan Rickman and Mads Mikkelsen.

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Your choice of HP ship. :3



Ooh!~ (Please don’t judge me, Tumblr. I know a lot of people shit on the Snape/Hermione shippers, but it’s one of my OTPs, okay? And I ship AU NotDead!Snape with MatureAdult!Hermione, so… Please don’t send me hate I don’t judge your ships okay thank you yes please goodbye. Also, for the purposes of this, I’m going to assume they live in a cottage somewhere nearby the castle, but not actually in it, and both teach there. Otherwise, the Hogwarts elves would just do everything, and where’s the fun in that?)

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • makes the bed in the mornings
    - Definitely Hermione. It would get on her nerves if she didn’t do it. Like, eye twitchingly on her nerves. And Severus has way more important things to care about. He’d just roll out of bed and strut out of the room to head out to the Great Hall for coffee. Even with the war being over, and finally being able to relax a little, Severus was likely never a morning person. Merlin save the student that tries to pester him before breakfast.

  • has sole posession of the T.V. remote
    - I think Hermione would care more about watching TV than Severus would, but she’d get him interested in a few shows. He’d never admit how much he liked them, of course, but he’d pout and sulk if she changed the channel while he was watching it. I think he’d secretly be very fond of Mythbusters.

  • is the bigger cuddler
    - Severus, though he’d never admit it. He needs the physical comfort after everything he’s been though. Hermione would be happy to oblige though, given that she could use it, too.

  • does the laundry
    - Hermione. Severus actually DOES know how to do it the muggle way, but he can’t be bothered to fold the clothes without magic, and Hermione finds the task physically comforting, if a little mind numbing.

  • mows the lawn
    - Neither. At least, not the muggle way. Severus never bothered to learn how to tend to a yard, and Hermione almost caught the lawnmower on fire trying to use it. After a lot of swearing and kicking on her part, Severus dragged her back into the house and made her promise to use magic from now on.

  • shops for groceries
    - Whoever is less busy that week, but they try to make a point to go together. Hermione does okay in the kitchen, but now that he has the time and resources, Severus has really come to love cooking. Unfortunately, this also means that he’s developed a deep interest in learning about food, and gets easily distracted in all of the aisles of the store. They usually do their shopping in a muggle store in London, because they have more of a variety there.

  • comes home drunk at 3am
    - It’s rare these days, but Severus would be more likely to do it. He drinks more in general. Usually, if they’re out drinking at all, it’s at a party together. Otherwise, Severus usually drinks at home.

  • makes breakfast
    - If it’s a day off, Severus does. Hermione tries, and he appreciates the effort, but they’re both well aware that he bests her in that department. Otherwise, they usually just eat at the school.

  • remembers to feed the fish
    - They’re not allowed to keep fish anymore, after the incident with Crookshanks. Severus makes a big show of having to put up with him, but I do think he’s got a soft spot in his heart for the half-kneazle, which he shows only on the rarest of occasions.

  • decorates the apartment
    - Hermione. Severus offers his unwarranted opinion on it whenever she changes something, but he doesn’t care enough to do the decorating himself. As long as it’s reasonably presentable and not overly tacky, Severus will deal with it.

  • initiates duets
    - Severus, actually. But only in private. He’ll sing in public if the situation calls for it, but he’s easily embarassed by it, even though he’s got a lovely singing voice. Hermione likes to sing at home, but she’s convinced she never does it well enough, and tends to be very shy about it.

  • falls asleep first
    - Hard to say. I think it would depend on who is more exhausted that day. They’re both prone to insomnia after the war, and tend to get too involved with their respective reading to notice the time.

Yay another snamione shipper.

This is really cute and rather accurate according to most of the Snamione fics I’ve read ;d

I love how Spock is familiar with Human classical fiction like The Three Musketeers. In this episode, “The Naked Time”, he refers to Sulu as D’artagnan after he appeared on the bridge with a fencing blade. 

Also, Spock is just generally awesome! All he had to do is use the Vulcan Pinch while Kirk was trying to do what? Choke Sulu?




How dare the German word “fast” not actually mean fast

warum bedeutet das englische wort “also” nicht also

Let’s start a list of foreign words we hate!

Welsh at = English “to”
Welsh afraid = English “unnecessary”

German gift = English “poison”

German dick = English “thick”

German stark = English “rigid”

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In einem kleinen Dorf wohnte einst ein Mädchen mit dem Namen Barbara. Barbara war in der ganzen Gegend für ihren ausgezeichneten Rhabarberkuchen bekannt.
Weil jeder so gerne Barbara’s Rhabarberkuchen aß, nannte man sie Rhabarberbarbara. Rhabarberbarbara merkte bald, dass sie mit ihrem Rhabarberkuchen Geld verdienen könnte. Daher eröffnete sie eine Bar: Die Rhabarberbarbarabar.
Natürlich gab es in der Rhabarberbarbarabar bald Stammkunden. Die bekanntesten unter Ihnen, drei Barbaren, kamen so oft in die Rhabarberbarbarabar um von Rhabarberbarbaras Rhabarberkuchen zu essen, dass man sie kurz die Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren nannte.
Die Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren hatten wunderschöne, dichte Bärte. Wenn die Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren ihren Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbart pflegten gingen sie zum Barbier.
Der einzige Barbier der einen Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbart bearbeiten konnte, wollte das natürlich betonen und nannte sich Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbartbarbier.
Nach dem Stutzen des Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbarts geht der Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbartbarbier meist mit den Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren in die Rhabarberbarbarabar um mit den Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren von Rhabarberbarbaras herrlichem Rhabarberkuchen zu essen. By ancient German proverb (via polylingualistic)

Ah, German! Such an agglutinative language! German makes the world of linguistics go round ;D

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having a crush on both a character and the person who plays that character is just like

prepare for trouble

and make it double

Wolverine & Hugh Jackman
Hannibal & Mads Mikkelsen
Sherlock & Benedict Cumberbatch
Loki & Tom Hiddleston
Severus Snape & Alan Rickman
House & Hugh Laurie

One of my favourite German words: verschlimmbessern.



It’s like a morphological ‘fusion’ of verschlimmern ‘to make worse’ and verbessern ‘to improve’.

It means to make something even worse while trying to improve it.

The fact that this exists.

…But in doing so they only made matters worse.

I have always loved German, and this word makes me love it even more. I hope to use verschimmbessern in a legitimate conversation someday ;D


An England fan throws a paper airplane from the top tier of Wembley and it hits one of the Peru players | view from the crowd

This was a historical and monumental feat in the world of aerodynamics, one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen

OMG! Those fans must have been so bored! Actually, so does the Peruvian guy, he’s just walking backwards, hoping the ball will come his way…




Very serious info session for out of staters

Waaaaait… I didn’t know “jimmies” was said outside of Philly (although here it’s any type of sprinkles, not just chocolate)

Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd.

I use the expression “I’m bummed” as well as “What a bummer!” I thought it was a West Coast thing. 
Bubbler and jimmies sounds rather silly though o.0




Very serious info session for out of staters

Waaaaait… I didn’t know “jimmies” was said outside of Philly (although here it’s any type of sprinkles, not just chocolate)

Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd.

I use the expression “I’m bummed” as well as “What a bummer!” I thought it was a West Coast thing.

Bubbler and jimmies sounds rather silly though o.0

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I’m back bitches

and lucky for you shits I get paid next week and have nothing to spend my money on so here ya go

let’s fuckin do this

please read this shit or u will prob miss smth important actually no u most likely wont its all v basic but im fucking funny so read it anyway

as always, if there’s an item you don’t want, or something you’d rather have, yes I will substitute unless I’ve already ordered the thing

alternatively, if there’s a thing you don’t want, you can opt to have it sent to someone else

ok anyway here we go with the list that’s always the same in every giveaway except if I don’t write it down ill get a million asks about it

fucking dumbass rules I shouldn’t have to write down:

  •  yes u have to follow me im building an army
  • reblogs and likes both count duh
  •  I’ll ship anywhere
  • giveaway blogs are fine I literally don’t care
  • reblog as much as you want once again, shockingly, I don’t care
  • if u have any questions feel free to ask me!!
  • but if they are already answered anywhere in this post I will probably give a frustrated sassy reply that will slightly offend u
  • be careful
  • I will sass u the fuck out
  • its what I do
  • its who I am

the things in the thing:

  • cool ass motherfucking vintage camera I found on sale look at this motherfucking thing holy shit
  • the 4th doctors scarfthis shit is 6 feet long I do not mess around let me tell you son
  • sherlock seasons 1-3 dvds (yes I can order in whatever region u want)
  • sherlock bag
  • tardis converse (yes of fucking course I will order them in custom size for the winner don’t even fucking ask)
  • doctor who charm necklace
  • one of my favourite book trilogies hell yea look at this golden work of literature you can be fandomy and fucking cultured. (yes everyone who reads is cultured. it’s the law.)

and as usual additional thingies:

  • if this gets 5k notes I’ll add a book of the winners choice
  •  if it gets 10k I’ll add any one season of a show of the winners choice on dvd/bluray
  • it if gets 25k I’ll add a gay ass painting of whatever the winner wants (keeping in mind that I cannot draw everything) (but I CAN draw gay porn) (eyyy)
  •  if it gets 50k I’ll add any item from thinkgeek.com that’s 25$ or less
  • if it gets 100k I’ll add 2 concert or play tickets to the live performance of the winners choice

yes the list is cumulative

no don’t ask me what cumulative is jesus christ just google it

do you know how many asks I always get about that shit

same with asking where I got certain items just reverse image search them omfg

why don’t you people ever use google it iS THERE FOR A REASON okay im sorry im done



this is gonna end on july 1st because that is both my country and my dog’s birthday (we all know my dog takes precedence here)

good luck cuties

friendly reminder that you are wonderful and a lot of people love you probably